Saint Ignatius on the Christian Vocation

As part of a project I’m working on, I’ve been spending a lot of time reading through Saint Ignatius’ letters.  I found this quote, from his letter to the Jesuits scholastics and fathers at Coimbra to be particularly inspiring.  He’s speaking specifically of a Jesuit vocation here, but I expect this would be relevant to anybody who has a strong sense of a vocation to service of Christ and the Church:

“To sum up my meaning in a few words: If you thought carefully about how deeply you are bound to defend the honor of Jesus Christ and the salvation of your neighbor, you would see how much you are obliged to dispose yourselves for every toil and labor to make yourself apt instruments of God’s grace for this purpose, particularly nowadays, when there are so few real laborers, so few persons who seek ‘not the things that are their own but the things that are Jesus Christ’s [Phil. 2:21]; you need to strive all the harder to make up for what others fail to do, since God is giving you such a special grace in this vocation and resolve.”