The Need for Community

At her blog, Everything is Holy Now, my friend Becky shares about one of her favorite parts of Already There:

“For me, Mark’s words were both an affirmation and challenge. He affirmed the call I feel to belong to a community, and he challenged me to look at my understanding of community in terms of my Catholic faith. The reality is my faith life would have remained static if it was not for the community of friends and ministry colleagues who continued to foster my faith life by their examples, by their knowledge, and by their support. These people, along with my family, are concrete reminders of God’s presence in my life.”

I am grateful for her comments, and I recommend checking her blog out. She always writes insightful and thoughtful posts, expressed beautifully. One of my favorites of her recent posts is “Holding in a Laugh.” Mainly, because I want to go to the world of fuzz!