“Marriage Counsel”: A Review of Longing to Love

In the latest America magazine, I review Timothy Muldoon’s wonderful spiritual memoir, Longing to Love:

“In a time when spiritual memoirs are long on dysfunction, anger and tragedy, Tim Muldoon’s Longing to Love offers a refreshing contrast. Though not a story absent a tragedy of its own, it is primarily a memoir of falling in love and staying in love. It is a compelling portrait of what many college-aged young men experience but rarely write about: negotiating the demands of romance and practicality while falling headlong into love . . .”

read the rest at America’s website.

One thought on ““Marriage Counsel”: A Review of Longing to Love

  1. I would like suggest another memoir to you, just recently published, called Graffiti On My Soul by Johanna which has–yes–tragedy, but of which John J. Cleary of Ligouri Publications wrote: “Without a doubt this is an impassioned work; beautiful and touching, inspired and faith filled`. The late Cardinal Avery Dulles wrote, `The living testimony of believers rather than philosophical arguments are what is needed today. In former days we focused on how `we get to God`; today it is more important to understand `how God comes to us`. This is such a book; a book to reach those who would never pick up a `religious`book, a book to touch the heart and stir up the sleeping ashes of faith, a tool for the `new evangelization`. It is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle.

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