What Needs To Be Written?

Some years ago, I contributed a list to Busted Halo of “Essential Reading For the Spiritual Seeker.” I was thinking this week what another list might look like, something like “Needed Reading For the Spiritual Seeker.”  In other words, what spiritual topics or ideas might be on your list of books you’d like to see on your shelf?  What might be of help to you, that you haven’t found sufficiently addressed in other books you’ve read about the spiritual life?

Some suggestions from Facebook folk:

The Christian Family and Spirituality: A Multi-Cultural Whatever

“What To Do When You Don’t Want To Do What You Should Do.”

Why It’s Taking Me So Long to Change, when I Know What I’m Supposed to Do!

How to be Holy even when Your Workplace/Family/Government/Certain Brothers and Sisters in Christ are conspiring to drive you insane

Holiness in late winter.

Spiritual Oneness.

My Informed Conscience Said It Was Okay

Don’t run away from my questions.


One thought on “What Needs To Be Written?

  1. In light of today’s readings, how about “Holiness is Not a Four Letter Word”, “Is “Holy” is a Four Letter Word?,” and “Wholly Holy.” Each would be a slightly different approach to the same call to holiness.

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