Listen to Me Now

Already There is now available in audiobook version.  You can sample it, and download it, at  You can ‘read’ it in about six and a half hours, which is about four hours less than I spent recording it!  For you multi-taskers, just imagine the things you can do while listening to the book :).  And you don’t have to wait for it to be shipped, you can download it immediately!  Get it here.

2 thoughts on “Listen to Me Now

  1. hello Mark i am friend of your parents lived next to them in fort myers i miss thm dearly, since they moved my husband, dick passed away to be with the Lord. i am very lonely he loved the Lord and was a faithful servant of the Lord
    Im am asking for prayer to help me cope and fkind a way to help others, hospice care???

    I pray that you are all safe and that will be blessed as you continue His work

    In the precious name of our Lord louise feak

  2. Louise,

    Thanks so much! I was sorry to hear about Dick, as were my parents. I will definitely pray for you. There are so many great ways you could find to help others, and that would certainly help you cope. Volunteer work at a hospice is great work, but difficult. I recommend getting some suggestions from your church, as there is usually no shortage of volunteer opportunities. I would choose something that would give you the opportunity to work side-by-side with a number of other people, which would make it enjoyable, and give you the chance to make some new friends. I’ll pray that you find the right thing for you soon!

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