An Early Review

Ignatius Loyola–The Spiritual Writings has been out about 4 weeks, and “Prints of Grace” has been kind enough to offer a review.  Here’s an excerpt:

“I didn’t realize how much of modern day spirituality and prayer practices came from this particular saint and his prescribed methods of growing closer to the Lord.  Now that I have read excerpts from his memoir as well as his letters within the context of explaining certain passages of The Spiritual Exercises, I have a far greater appreciation of the wealth of wisdom he provided through his writing.”

Read the rest here.

One thought on “An Early Review

  1. 7/4/2012
    This November marks the tenth anniversary of my son going to heaven. Would it be possible to order and have signed several copies of Already There: Letting God Find You to thank all of the family and friends whom have supported my family during this difficult time? Having Father Mark Mossa bless the books would be wonderful; having Father Mark bless us (especially in person) would be awesome! Thank you for all you do everyday. Peace and Prayers, Celeste

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