Wake Up Call

If you’re an early riser, you can hear the first of a two-part interview with me on the program “Thoughts for the Week.”  The interview is with the tag team of Fr. Ray Petrucci, Fr. Mark Connolly, and Dorothy Riera.  We had a great time talking a while back, and finally it’s going to air!  Some of you might have heard of Fr. Connolly.  He was involved in the beginnings of the TV mass broadcast in New York, and spent his younger days working with Bishop Fulton Sheen on his famous TV show, “Life is Worth Living.”

The show will be broadcast this Sunday, February 13 at 7:30 am Eastern time (I told you it was early).  You can catch it on WSTC and WNLK, which can be streamed in Itunes’ radio/talk section.  You can also listen to it on their website: wstcwnlk.com.  I think it will also be archived for listening later, but I’m not certain of that.

Thursday Night Live From New York

If you are in the New York City/Westchester County area of New York, come join us for an event this Thursday night!

Fordham Forum at Westchester

A New Free Series on Learning, Discovering and Serving

Already There:  Letting God Find You

Thursday, January 20  |  7 p.m.

Join us for a lively book discussion with author Mark Mossa, S.J., whose latest book — Already There: Letting God Find You — provides a humorous and entertaining look at finding God in many aspects of your life through images in popular culture, lyrics and the human experience. Father Mossa will be on hand to share what his friends term his “weird insights” and lead this lively discussion. A book signing will follow the discussion.

You can find more info and directions here.

Today’s Discussion

You can stream today’s discussion of Already There here, or download it by clicking on “hour 2” here.

They were very nice, and I love the New Orleans accent.  Sister Bridget sounds just like one of my good friends from New Orleans, who also loves to talk about “Mama”!

Much thanks to Fr. Albert & Sister Bridget!

Join the Discussion!

Tired of hearing interviews with me?  Here’s your chance to get someone else’s take on Already There!  Fr. Albert Haase announces:

My sister, Bridget OSU, and I have our monthly visit with Sean Herriott and the listeners of “Morning Air” on Relevant Radio (go towww.relevantradio.com to find your station or listen live) on Thursday morning, December 16 from 7am-8am (Central). We’ll be discussing ALREADY THERE: Letting God Find You by Mark Mossa, SJ (St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2010).

I’ll be interested in what they have to say!  (I hope they’ll be nice.)

Check out Fr. Haase’s website.

Letting Love Find You

The best reviews are the ones that make it clear that what you’ve written has given somebody the opportunity to reflect on something in their own lives.  My friend Mike Hayes offered just such a “review” this week, by using my book as a jumping off point for a reflection of his own.  It’s a good one!:

” . . . As I look back on my life, I often see myself searching for love and occasionally finding someone to love. At times, I’m afraid, I didn’t find that love returned. Was love unable to find me?

As I searched more deeply, I realized a stark truth: Quite often in my life, I was too afraid to be found by love.

Have you ever found a person who just takes your breath away? Dennis Miller, the brilliant comic, said of the first time he saw his wife, “I’ll pass out if that woman comes anywhere near me.” Apparently, he conquered that fear. But often it’s not fear of approaching love, but fear of not being good enough to deserve the love of someone else. Perhaps even when love is found, fear keeps the revelation of self that we all have to offer back to our love from really happening. What if she doesn’t love that part of me? What if she doesn’t agree with my opinion? We act like addicts afraid of being unable to get our next fix. What if the love runs out?

Marion, my wife, helped me get over that. I think I fell more deeply in love with Marion when we had our first fight. Now that sounds completely ludicrous, but in fact it’s true . . . “

Mike has much more to say, and it’s worth reading the whole thing.  Check it out here.

Already There–In Ireland!

A review from across the pond!

Ireland’s newspaper The Irish Catholic was kind enough to review my book!  Here’s a bit of what they had to say:

“The Jesuit author of this book is an American who has worked as a minister in various parts of the United States, but now teaches theology at Fordham University.

In writing this book, he uses incidents from his own life to illustrate his theme. He is himself an epileptic, and he uses his need for daily medication to stay well as an illustration that we need religion all the days of our lives, and not as an aspect of crisis management.

The book follows the way of St Ignatius, as is to be expected, in ”finding God in all things”. Fr Mossa makes extensive use of scene from popular films and TV shows, from Marlon Brando facing a moral choice in On the Waterfront to the philosophic doubts of Kermit the Frog from the Muppets . . . ”

read the rest here.

Virtual Book Signing, Kindle Edition

Many friends who don’t live where I do have said things to me like, “I’m going to buy your book, but I’m waiting, because I want you to sign it.”  Wait no more!  If you want a signed copy of Already There, for you or someone else, here’s a simple solution: Buy a copy from Amazon.com, and have it shipped to me.  Amazon allows you to add a message to your shipment.  So, on the message include your address, and anything else you’d like me to know.  I will sign the book, and send it to you.  Call it a “virtual” book signing.  Here’s where to have it sent: Fr. Mark Mossa, S.J., 441 E. Fordham Rd., Spellman Hall, Bronx, NY 10458.

Some people have also asked about the availability of a Kindle edition of the book.  My publisher, for the first time, is about to offer twenty titles in this format.  I’m happy to say that one of those will be mine!  This is still in process, but I’m told you can probably expect to see it by December of this year!

If you have any other questions about the book, or if I can clarify anything, write a comment on this post, or send me a message on my Facebook account: facebook.com/frmarkmossasj

Listen In

I had a wonderful interview today on the Catholic Radio network, Relevant Radio.  Wendy Wiese was a gracious an enthusiastic host, and even gave me a little assist with my first radio blessing!

You can listen to the show on their website archive.  Go to the September calendar, and click on my name which appears on September 30.  You can stream it, or download the mp3 to your computer (takes about 3 minutes).  If you have a chance to listen, I’d love to have you post your thoughts or questions in the comments for this post!

Relevant Radio

Today I’m being interviewed on the Catholic radio network “Relevant Radio.”  Most of its affiliates are in the midwest.  But if you can’t catch it on the radio, you can also listen to it on the web.  I will be on the “On Call” program at 2:00 pm, Eastern Time.  They also archive the show right away, so you can listen to it afterwards as well.  It’s an interview and call in show.  I’ll be calling in myself, since their studios are in Green Bay!  You can find out more about the program and the network at their website.

On the Radio

I’m settling in at the Starbuck’s down the street from where I was scheduled to do a radio interview last night, when the phone rings.  I answer it, and my mother says, “are you alright?”  I say, “Yeah,” emphatically, wondering why she would think otherwise.  It’s about 7:05, and the show I’m scheduled to be on at 8:20 has just started.  They said something about a tornado, and “don’t worry, Father Mark is alright,” she tells me.  Not only am I alright, but I’m clueless about the storm, possibly a tornado, that ripped through New York City last night.  I’ve just walked across Manhattan, and it wasn’t even raining.  My mother reassured, I settle in to my light sandwich and chai tea, as I listen to the show to try and calm my nerves a bit, and get a feel for what they are talking about tonight.  It’s my first radio interview.  Shortly, I’ll be in the studio, and I don’t know what to expect.  I’m happy to discover that it’s “faith and culture” Thursday, where they discuss the intersections of popular culture and faith—right up my alley, and in many ways the theme of my book!  I’m feeling a bit more comfortable, and glad I wasn’t able to do the show the night before during which they answer questions about the mass (not that I have anything against that, but it just wasn’t as good a fit!).

I head over there early, and I’m glad I did, because there’s a not-so-fast and a bit complicated security procedure to get in the building, and I’ve just entered behind a band that’s playing in one of the other studios.  Off I go up to the 36th floor, where I arrive finally only about 5 minutes early.  And wait.  It’s an interesting place.  The waiting area is kind of what you might expect, a spacious advertisement for Sirius XM, with ticker-type displays showing what’s playing on various channels at that moment.  I’m ushered down past a row of studios, to the studio of the Busted Halo show.  It’s a small rectangular box, not even as big as my room, with equipment and four people.  Ruben Blades is in the next studio over.  I say hello to Father Dave Dwyer, the host, and Robyn, the producer.  She shows me the chair the microphone, and the headphones (which seems strange, because Fr. Dave is only a few feet away from me).  I announce that this is the first time I’ve done this.  Don’t be afraid to get too close to the microphone, I’m told, and just talk, the sound guy will take care of everything else.  “Did you hear about the tornado?”  Father Dave asks.  And I tell them about the phone call I’d just received.  Great way to break the ice.  And we’re off!

Sure, I was nervous, but I was surprised at how comfortable I felt.  I was a little self-conscious.  I noticed that my arms were talking too, which seemed kind of silly.  And, since there were three other people in the room to my left (Fr. Dave was to my right), I found myself instinctively looking in their direction from time to time.  As I settled into the conversation it got easier, and it seemed like we were speaking for more than 20 minutes, in a good way.

It was fun.  We got to talk about general ideas about encountering God in all things, especially in culture.  We talked about the book.  We spoke a little about my experience of my vocation.  And it just seemed like a fun chat, though I felt a little under pressure to respond quickly, and avoid “ums.”  It seemed to go OK, and it was a good way to cut my teeth for a couple other radio interviews I have coming up, where I won’t have the advantage of being in the studio.

It’s strange this new moment in my life where I find myself now speaking frequently about “my book.”  I’m hoping it remains clear to people as I go about this that as much as the focus might be on me sometimes, as with this interview, the most important thing for me—and the reason I wrote the book—is in hopes that I can help people to better connect with God.  I hope that I did so last night with my little foray into the radio world.  Today, it’s back to ordinary life, where hopefully I can do the same, outside of my book.  Thanks for reading/listening.  And if anything I’ve said or written has helped you get better connected with God, please share that with others.  You needn’t give me any credit because, really, all the credit goes to God!  Happy Friday!